Communing with Nature at Mary Immaculate Parish

My kid had his first communion recently at the Mary Immaculate Parish at BF Almanza in Moonwalk, Las Piñas City.  For Catholics looking for a different place to go to this Lenten season, this church will be a good stop to make your Visita Iglesia. 

More popularly known to residents as the “Nature’s Church”, the church was constructed in 1986 by no less than famed architect, Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa.  The church sits on 6,000 sqm. complex and is made of indigenous materials.  The ceiling is made of anahaw/cogon leaves that were hewn together.  The lights are made of capiz shells and fashioned into doves, making it appear that doves (as represented by Catholics as the Holy Spirit) were floating in the perimeter.  No trees were cut within the vicinity as can be seen by the tall sampaloc trees that dotted the area.  The seats were designed as tree stumps and the altar made of natural material (a tree maybe?).  For nature lovers like me, it’s truly refreshing to pray in such as open area like this.  It’s an ideal place for weddings too!  A perfect venue for a garden wedding.  I wish I had known this place earlier when I was planning on my own wedding.

The altar with the floating Jesus in the background

The church also has an active parish.  Fr. Fidel Fabile is the Parish Priest and the one who presided over the first communion of the children.  My son liked everything about it, including the aviary just near the Prayer Room. 

Doves made of capiz surround the ceiling

Getting there is a little difficult, since this little known place is not as popular as the church where the Bamboo Organ is.  Either you take Alabang or Coastal Road but you will still land on the same route going there, that is, Alabang-Zapote Road.  Those with a Friendship Sticker can get in Moonwalk Village without a hitch, but for many of those who don’t have it or any transportation for that matter will have to take a jeep plying Marcos Alvarez then drop off at Moonwalk.  Just ask local residents how to get there.

Now that Holy Week is just around the corner, the Mary Immaculate Parish is a nice church for reflection and prayer.

Have a good week!