In Defense of the Faith

We are living in an age that is filled with materialism, humanism, and confusion.  We now live a “Culture of Death”, a term which aptly describes society’s disregard for life.

All around us, we see, hear and read people being killed brutally and mercilessly, people taking their own lives, and aborting fetuses just because “it’s my life and that’s the way I want it”.

Life is not a choice, but a gift.  It is not OUR creation, but GOD’s creation.

This page is not just in defense of life.  This page is in defense of the Catholic Faith, from the perspective of the laity.  The author may not have sufficient knowledge or understanding of the dogmas of the Faith, so she will keep it simple so that every Catholic may better appreciate the teachings of the Church.

A Catholic conservative at heart, she believes that the teachings of the Church should not change.



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