Second Sunday of Advent: Time for Preparing Amidst Chaos

It is a season of utter chaos: dreadful traffic, dried up wallets, stressful year-end reports.  When children come knocking at your door singing cheesy, out-of-tune Christmas carols you wish the holidays would soon be over and all this hysteria gone.

And yet we wait, we wait for Him who is to come.  Again.  It’s not like He didn’t come last year, but we wait again for Him this year–with the same anticipation as with the previous years.  When we lose sight of this, then we lose the real essence of celebrating Christmas.

It is the second Sunday of Advent, a time when we are still waiting for Christ.  As we wait, let us keep our hearts and minds focused on His arrival.  Let us get past the trimmings and merriment this season brings.  This is not what Christmas is just about.

Putting Ourselves in Their Shoes

Contemplate on the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem as they eagerly await for Jesus.  They didn’t have a lot of material things (probably just a few clothes and the mule as their prized possession!), didn’t have a lot of money or food to eat, but they were genuinely happy.  Or sublimely ecstatic as I would like to say it, because they KNEW what they had or were having was far more precious than all the world has to offer in this life.  So they got past the cold, long distance, isolation, and fatigue to do the will of God and have the Christ Child born in Bethlehem.  Even when they had to stay in a manger where the animals were kept.  They never complained!  So why should we when we have all the conveniences of this life?

And Wait We Shall….

Two more Sundays to go to await for Jesus’ coming.  Let’s never get tired of waiting and spiritually preparing ourselves for this event.  Even if the traffic wears us down forever.  Graces are always in store for those who wait in patience.

God bless!


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