Getting Lost in the Season


It will be the third week of Advent this week, and pretty soon it’s Christmas.  And it’s the time of the year when traffic is chaotic and unpredictable, in Metro Manila at least. Malls are filled with sales and goodies offering great deals. 

I try not to be harried by the Christmas rush, but there is no stopping Christmas, and buying little tokens to family and friends are a way of showing they are highly appreciated for all that they are and do for us.  And with the parties and other indulgence, it is  so easy to be lost in all of this seeming hoopla.

Remember Yolanda and what it did to families in the Visayas and I am back to my senses.  We’ve seen nothing but destruction and death the past few weeks, with families either displaced or separated from each other.  It’s been truly comforting to see the outpouring of support extended by other people.  The world has become a smaller place, not only because of technology but because of the kindness of strangers to give.  Nevermind the looting and politicking that we hear in the news.  Let’s focus on the positives. 

In all of these excesses, we must give.  Give what we can to people who need it most, to people who have lost a lot.  The beauty of this season is not in the taking but in the giving of what we have, whatever that may be.

It is so easy to just have fun with all the merry-making, losing the reason and cause of our celebrating.  

Slow down and savor the moment.  Reflect.  Beyond the twinkling lights and berriboned boxes, there is a child who was born to save us. He is, was, and always will be.

May we all have a meaningful Christmas in our lives.


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