Hostage to the Devil: A Book About Demonic Possession


Martin Malachi’s book, Hostage to the Devil, holds basic truths of the existence of good and evil, most particularly the triumph of good versus evil. And in a period when we have become lukewarm of the existence of evil, make no mistake: evil is real and it exists. Demons are out to corrupt the spirit of people who have fallen into sin. Malachi Martin gave samples of these demonic possessions in his book. These stories show how these possessions came to be, and how the exorcists (all Catholic priests) were able to expel these spirits from the people they held prison.

When I got hold of this book, I was apprehensive to read it at first. Never a fan of horror stories or films, this was something culled from stuffs like these which I abhorred. But I am a Catholic, and as a Catholic (and any Christian for that matter probably) we are taught to believe these things, that there is the existence of fallen angels who are out to destroy the spirit of humans. Mustering up the courage to read the pages, I was instantly hooked to read it until I finished the whole book.

Martin gave 5 case studies of demonic possession, the severity which in my view ranged from mediocre to extremely difficult. To my surprise, some of the attacks weren’t even the kind that one sees in the movies–the offensive kind that literally jumps inside a person. Some of the attacks were so subtle that one never knew for sure how and when it started. But one thing holds true in all of the cases, and that is the cooperation of the human will. Without acceptance, possession cannot take place.

It is a very good read for people who have grown lukewarm in spiritual matters, if only to strengthen their resolve to pray.


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