To Mary, My Mother


She is the Lady Clothed with the Sun.

The Mother of God

The Queen of Heaven and Earth.

And the list of titles goes on, with her so many appearances and so many promises to the faithful all over the world.

Non-Catholics will never understand the tender affection and patronage we Catholics have for Mother Mary.  And for millions of Catholics, not believing in her divine maternity and co-redemptive mission is simply an assault to the Faith, if not to the whole mystery of Christ’s incarnation.  Her steadfast zeal to remain at the foot of the cross was not wrought by mere accident.  She was there because of GOD’s WILL, which she fully accepted with great love.  She knew the mission that lay ahead of her since the annunciation and her fiat. 

My mother was especially instrumental in teaching us all we need to know about our dear Mother.  This was later on supplemented by the instruction of the nuns at the Catholic school I went to during grade school.  I learned to pray the rosary and became a devotee of Our Lady of Lourdes.  

College was a period of spiritual chaos for me as my faith waned and my interest wandered to other religions.  Despite this phase, I was a regular churchgoer and would occasionally recite my rosary.  Whether it was lip-service or not I can’t remember now.  What I remember feeling during that particular period was that something felt empty–spiritually.  And that there was a certain peace I felt during childhood that I was missing the most.  I found my way back to the Faith eventually, and I can only attribute this to the intercession of Mama Mary.

Today marks her birthday, and I thank Her for bringing me back to Jesus.

Thank you dear Mother!  Totus Tuus!





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