The Miraculous Prayer for Christmas

I read this beautiful prayer several years ago in a column by Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Josephine Darang.   I loved the prayer so much that I cut the bit from the newspaper and clipped it in my prayer book.  It has been with me ever since.  It’s a prayer that is intended to be invoked during the Christmas season, particularly starting November 30 until Christmas Eve.  According to Ms. Darang, the prayer is miraculous, and I can attest that it has been for me.

But more than the promise of a miracle, I recite it to reflect on the moment when Jesus was about to be born that particular day more than 2,000 years ago.  When you mince the words well, the prayer conveys an idea of the conditions that our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph were in–cold, poor and dejected.   It is a prayer that I love repeating over and over again, but particularly during Christmas when it is more appropriate.

The prayer is recommended to be prayed for 15 times a day.  What I normally do is break it into fives and recite them at different times each day, just to break the monotony.  Then you make your wish at whatever point. 

This is the prayer:

Christmas Prayer


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