My Catholic Oath


I am a true and faithful Catholic.

I am a person created and blessed by the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Though blessed with intellect and granted free will since creation,

My intellect can never equal the wisdom of the angels.

I believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church and the Papacy

Its pristine and universal dogma

On charity, faith and sanctity of life at whatever stage

Understanding the sacredness of life –

Animated by the breath of the Holy Spirit in the woman’s womb.

I accept the wisdom of the Church,

The spiritual authority of Christ’s representatives

Hidden in the image of a priest.

Though human in every respect, divine by the sacred precepts

As enunciated by his sacred vows.

I believe in the Church that was, is and will always be

Unchangeable and immoveable

Despite man’s changeability and insatiability

In tradition holds the immutable rules

That neither human reason or society can change

What the way to Heaven is meant to be.


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