A Different Kind of Holy Week

In this part of the world, Holy Week is never felt more stronger than here.  During this short period, everything and everybody seems to be in a standstill.  Every household is quiet (either because you simply choose to be or you’re off on vacation) and presumably, meditating.

For a die-hard Catholic like me, I try to make each Holy Week meaningful for me and my family.  This year, we trekked Antipolo City to do our yearly Visita Iglesia, then made a short segue to the St. Pio Centre in Libis, Quezon City.
If going to Antipolo was an effort, going to this quaint church in Libis is a real treat.  It was to be my first visit to this church that has been dedicated to this famous Italian saint.
No stranger in this sacred place, hubby wanted to show me around the area.  The church had a courtyard at the back, which the church volunteers arranged to mount each fourteen stations of the cross.  The novelty here is that upon entering the courtyard, you are given a small cross that you have to carry on your shoulder for the full length of the prayer.  The crosses come in different sizes, but all light enough to   manage the weight.  Devotees have the option to walk their way barefoot, but for the non-adventurous like me, keeping your shoes on is ok.
So off we went happily inside the courtyard with our crosses on our shoulders, happily thinking that the crosses were small and light enough.  But half way through the walk, I began to feel the burden of this small cross that I was losing concentration on the prayer and more on the dull pain.  By the time we ended the last station, I felt really exhausted.  Imagine how Jesus must have gone through, and His cross was undoubtedly much bigger!  Truly humbling!
A blessed Holy Week to all!

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