St Gemma Galgani: The heavenly help of Saint Gemma

I am sharing with you an extraordinary experience my family and I had last year.  For those who know me and my family personally, my son was hospitalized for almost a week due to dengue-like symptoms.  I attribute his healing through the intercession of this saint.  I’ve shared this story with just a few souls and only with believers, but it is only now that I am sharing this again to a wider audience.

I wrote this email to Mr. Glenn Dallaire, who has a website devoted solely to St. Gemma Galgani.  She is an Italian saint who happened to share my son’s birthday (March 12) when she was still on earth.  But there is another character in the story you ought to know about.  She is Veronica Leuken, an American seer at Bayside, New York to whom the Blessed Mother appeared to in the 1970s until she passed on in 1995.  You can google all about her in the Internet.  Anyways, Mr. Dallaire is so kind enough to share my experience in his website.  Now, I would like to share this with all of you.

St Gemma Galgani: The heavenly help of Saint Gemma: A recent grace through the intercession of St Gemma A few weeks ago, I published a couple of very recent stories concerning the heavenly …


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